How To Clean Your Recently Purchased Used Chevy

After buying your ideal used Chevy vehicle from Jupiter Chevrolet or another dealership, you’ll want to be sure to give it a good cleaning before taking it out for its first drive. Try out these tips to get your pre-owned car clean and ready for you and your family.

Power wash the exterior

Giving your car a thorough power wash is one of the best ways to make your newly purchased car look fresh and ready to roll. Make sure to spray under the wheel wells, between the wheels, the underbody, and anywhere else you can reach. Make sure to use soap and water and then dry it with a clean cloth.

Buff and wax

Buff the exterior of your car using a car polisher and buffer pad to remove any light scratches you’ve noticed. Afterward, apply wax to protect the paint and make your vehicle shine like brand new.

Remove the covers

Take out the seat covers, floor mats, and any other covers that might still be in your car from the previous owner. Then, vacuum out the interior and give it a shampoo treatment as needed. If you feel the covers are still in good condition and would like to keep them, simply wash them and put them back inside.

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